Nearly a stone throw from Malmö is Copenhagen, the city known for being several times named one of the top 10 cities to live in. Copenhagen has also been listed several times as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. More than 63% of all hotel rooms in the city also have official environmental certification.

Copenhagen's charm has been preserved for a long time, and what exactly makes Copenhagen so charming is hard to put your finger on. Perhaps it is well-known Danish felling, perhaps it is Nyhavn's cozy walking paths, perhaps it is the bike-friendly streets or maybe it is the art and culture. What we know is that its visitors are rarely left untouched after visiting the city.

With most professional hotels and conference facilities in different price ranges to choose from, it makes it easy to plan a conference. Bring the staff to a conference, kick-off or study trip to the Danish capital. Combine the conference with fun activities, sightseeing or visit one of the many museums the city offers. Take a bike, on foot or rent a GoBoat and see Copenhagen from the water.  

For those of you who have already eaten smørrebröd in Nyhavn or shop at Strøget or visited all museums, there is certainly something new and exciting to take part of. Discover Reffen Street Foodwhere you can eat and taste food from all over the world, experience creative workshops and startups, experience different cultures and innovative projects. Go underground in the Cisterns and explore huge underground passages where daylight does not reach. Far below Søndermarken on Fredriksberg lies old water cisterns which are today used for various exhibitions and reminiscent of old catacombs.

Copenhagen is one of our favorite cities and we are happy to show you around our personal favorite places!